75V High Voltage 100A High Current Waterproof ESC 2KW Underwater Thruster And Remote Control 20AH Power Electric Surfboard Kit

75V High Voltage 100A High Current Waterproof ESC 2KW Underwater Thruster And Remote Control 15AH Power Electric Surfboard Kit


Manatee100  75V 100A VESC

Voltage: 75V maximum (recommended within 16S)

Current: 100A continuous, maximum 200A


 1、Based on the design of vesc75300 hardware principle.

 2、Using 6 mosfet  IRF7769L (100v 200A each).

 3、Independent gate drive.

 4、Independent power supply.

 5、Independent current sampling.

 6、Active filter circuit makes current sampling more accurate.

 7、Rich onboard interface.

 8、Independent two-way adc.

 9、Support VESC TOOL official 75300 firmware.

 10、The circuit is reasonable and stable.

2KW 140A Jet Propeller Paddle 65111 Electric Surfboard Motor


Model type: 65111

Motor dimension: 65*111mm


Motor stator slot: 12

Motor pole: 12

Motor KV:150

Motor Wire: 12AWG wire

Maximum voltage: 14S

Maximum current 140A 

No-load current: 1.7A 142KV

Maximum power: 2kw and 1.5kw continuous 


Waterproof level:IP68


Remote Control


Frequency: 2.4G

Voltage: 3.7V       

Battery: lithium battery( inside)

Battery capacity: 400 mAh           

Type of control: PWM                 

Output frequency: 1-2 millisecond       

Throttle: 0-100%             

Reset: zeroing automatically                     

Waterproof rate: PI67                 

Charging type: inductive charging

Inductive charger: ✔

charging cable: ✔

Power cable: USB

Charging voltage: 5V

Charging current: 500MA

Charging time: 2 H

Over charging protection: ✔

Effective range: 10M



operating voltage:5V

ESC power supply: ✔

External power interface: ✔

Frequency binding button: ✔

Out of control protection: ✔

Waterproof: no

Available channels:1

Frequency: 2.4G


18650 Polymer Lithium Battery



Detachable, waterproof in 30 meters depth,60-120 minutes life

Portable lithium battery is more safe, convenient and efficient.

No water leakage after the pressure test at a depth of 30 meters.

Its core adopts special technique and it supports fast charge mode.

The battery can be used for 60-120 minutes under normal circumstances.



Voltage: 46.8V
Capacity: 20Ah
Quick charging time: 3.5H
Waterproof rate: IP68
Weight: 5.7KG
Install Method: Quick plug self-locking

Charging Adapter:
Voltage: 54.6V Current:5A
Charging type: contact charging
Charger type: quick charging adapter

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