Brushless DC Motor H5045 200KV 1150W


  • Wheel customizability:Can be used in DIY electric skateboard, electric bike, Mini scooter,etc.
  • Powerful system : The Max Output Watt is 1150W , max Current is 32A.,Recommend ESC is 3-12S 50A (FSESC4.12 50A or FSESC 6.6 60A)
  • Decent design:Good finishing on the whole outer body to Enable Motors Dust-proof , with sturdy shaft
  • Quality updated:Using high hardness steel, good toughness, impact resistance, the quality of the bearing and the service life of the motor are improved, extremely durable.
  • High efficiency:This Motor Comes with 200KV. 0.85 Nm High Torque to bring strong power .

Product Spec:

Max Power: 1150W
Max Current: 32A
Max Volts: 12S
Max Torque: 0.85 N.m
Recommend ESC: 3-12S 50A (FSESC4.12 50A or FSESC 6.6 60A)
Weight: 0.74 lb / 0.34 kg
The motor length:48.6mm
The motor diameter: 49.5mm
SHAFT: Diameter 8mm, 25mm length
Motor Wire: 300mm silicone 16AWG wire with MT30 male connector.
Wire configuration:
Blue = U
White = V
Yellow = W

BLDC Motor
The number of pole: 14
Sensor Wire: Standard RC Sensor Wire HY2.0-5P connector

Shipping package:

1* H5045 Motor

1* free VESC sensor wire 

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