Electric Body Board Allows You to Experience Fast And Furious On The Water!

Electric Body Board Allows You to Experience Fast And Furious On The Water!

January 08, 2021

Surfing is a popular water sport in summer. This kind of exciting sport can bring you unique summer experience. Of course, surfing equipment is very important for surfing. Our SeaRover Electric Body Board is such a reliable equipment with high safety.

As the name suggests, SeaRover Electric Body Board is powered by electricity. Its biggest characteristics is that it is equipped with two independent propellers. This makes it much better than ordinary surfboard. There is no need to worry about no waves any more! Powerful propellers take you to glide on sea!

Surfers can control its speed with two speed button, riding the waves on the sea freely. Electric Body Board makes surfing much easier, even children can learn to use it easily, allowing more people to enjoy the fun of surfing. It comes with three speed modes, low for beginners and high for thrill-seekers. Of course, if you feel tired for pressing the speed button for long time, this Electric Body Board is designed with cruise mode to liberate your hands. Now, all you need to do is lying on the body board and relax your body.

Bring this SeaRover Electric Body Board and set out with your friends to the beach to enjoy exciting surfing time!


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