HGLTECH Fly Fish Electric Surfboard - 2019 Ultimate Guide

June 06, 2019

What are a Fly Fish Electric Surfboards?

The fly fish electric surfboards are the new surf board for all surfers and water sport lovers. It is termed as ‘fly fish’ because of its smooth movement on water almost like no waves, allowing you to swim and surf in the water as smoothly as a fish. Fly fish Electric surfboards are light, durable and they run fierce on the water giving you control of speed. So, whether you want it high, or low, you are in charge.

So, what is so exciting about surfboards? The perk is, most people enjoy water sports specially in the hot weather as they swim and cool themselves in the water along with exercising as well. The surfboards glide in any direction you want them to and are the go-to  choice for having an amazing time in the water, floating on and off the waves. There are so many kinds and colours of surfing boards to choose from, but when it comes to easy surfing especially concerning beginners, fly fish electric surfboard is the ultimate choice. If you are someone who loves water sports and wants to try new things in the water, the fly fish Electric surfboard by HGLTECH is the one for you. It is durable, it is affordable, and it is designed exactly according to your needs.

Making the Fly Fish Electric Surfboard Work

How does the surfboard glide so smooth over water? The answer to this is in its electric accelerator plus propeller system. It consists of a blue LCD to manage your controls and is shaped almost like an arrow from the top angle to normal surfboard at the bottom; so, it gives a comfortable posture choice as well as a different edge from your other surfboards.

The Fly fish Electric Board is designed by the best engineers. HGLTECH has designed and fitted the accelerator at the top of the surfboard and a propeller at the bottom. The accelerator boosts the propeller to circulate and thus moves the surfboard forward. You can control the surfboard any way you like. It works just as simple as that.

Guaranteed Safety on the Fly Fish Surfboard

HGLTECH has worked a lot to develop the ultimate surfboard that is unique, light and easy to use. They have also designed the surfboard in terms of safety otherwise it would be a big concern. Fly fish surfboard particularly helps you in safe surfing so if you are a beginner, you can just lie on to the surfboard and leave the rest to the surfboard.

It promotes safe swimming and saves from any crashes with water (due to the propeller system), it pushes through the water an makes you surf smoothly like a fish above water.

There is also the safety of emergency rescue in the fly fish surfboard. In case your surfboard is damaged, or is not working, and you are in the danger of drowning, the surfboard will help you travel through the harsh waves even without any electricity and you can be saved by your own self very easily.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Fly fish Electric Surfboard

Following is a little outline off the advantages and possible disadvantages of the fly fish electric surfboard:


  1. Emissions free

The surfboard is designed to be environmentally friendly, so it does not create a toxic impact on the nature outside.  There are no harmful emissions or radiations as it works on an accelerator and a propeller. The surfboard avoids inhaling any exhaust gas, which results in safe gases and better environment.

  1. Easy to Carry

The fly fish surfboard is portable, comparatively light in weight, weighing only 8 kgs. It is not extra-long or narrow to make it difficult to hold. You can carry it around easily.

  1. Easy to Operate

Learning to use this surfboard is quite easy, since it deals with minimalistic operating options. It works on a simple start button and controls to manage the speed.

  1. Smooth Steering

HGLTECH has designed the fly fish electric surfboard to be smooth and flexible when it comes to steering it around in the water. If the directions are not easy and smooth to handle, surfing can become a problem.

  1. Beast Power

The Fly fish Electric Surfboard works on beast power, so you don’t stop in the water and surf smooth and light on the water.

  1. Long Battery Life

The long battery life is your ultimate companion if you have planned for a long day in the water. The battery is water proof, so you are saved from any damage that might affect the surfboard. You can spend hours and hours as there is high quality battery installed. You only need to charge the surfboard before your trips.

  1. Camera Stand Vacancy

The Fly fish surfboard consists of a vacancy for the camera stand so you can easily take photos while surfing in the water.

  1. Unique Design

HGLTECH Fly Fish Electric Surfboards are heat resistant, immune to corrosion and have a glossy finish.  The colouring of the board is easy coated, and you can even choose your own colour for the electric surfboards as well.


  1. Too Easy to use

For some people, the ease of surfing is actually a turn off. People who are real water sports fanatics believe that it is not the complete surfing experience due to the propeller and accelerator system. There should be an exertion to the surfboard that makes it distinctive.

  1. Price

Although compared to high end surfboards, the fly fish electric surfboard is more affordable, but on a general note, the price might become a topic of debate. But then again, water sports are not that easy, and safety comes first. So, if paying a little more gives you more luxury and safety, we say you grab the opportunity.

How to choose Electric Speed Controller (ESC) for Fly Fish Electric Surfboard?


Most composite materials are useful for light weight surfboards, and they help to achieve high speeds. So, materials like carbon, protects the surfboard from any outside harsh effects. In terms of ESC, you can opt for the aluminium covering. Aluminium is great for using in ESC along with surfboards, as it is water suitable, as well as it does not rust. So, investing in a good aluminium HGLTECH based ESC will take you a long way.

Check Battery Options

Always check and double check the battery working and options on your surfboard. The fly fish electric surfboard works on the simple process of charging from the switch, so for this you need to keep a heavy-duty power battery package or keep your surfboard charged. The battery of a surfboard should be waterproof (of course!) to avoid any problems later on. The battery connects to the LED blue screen and illuminates it while charging. Similarly, it also alerts low battery to notify the user. Always check the battery options on your surfboards.

Double Check Quality

HGLTECH has designed the fly fish electric surfboards with the best of designs and equipment, to bring ease for the surfers as well as non-surfers.  The surfboard consists of plastic, aluminium, composite materials, electronic (LCD) etc that compile to bring the ultimate experience for the user. Always check the quality of your surfboard. In case you find any errors, please contact the provider or the company to attend to your needs. The quality of a surfboard is the main thing which then extends to bringing you safety as well as recreation.

How do we use the Fly Fish Electric Surfboard?

The Charging port of the surfboard is behind the surfboard at the top. The first step is to remove the port, detach the bezel and wires. Then you connect the wires to the bezel, to the battery, and switch it on for charging. The charger has a little LED red light that turns on as an indicator for charging. When the red light turns green, it means that the surfboard has been charged completely and is ready for a swim in the water!

Handle & Switch

The working and using process for the fly fish swim board is very simple indeed. You just have to press the start button which is situated on the handles. It will start the accelerator and push the propellers against the water. Just one button will start your easy and fun surfing adventure with the Fly Fish Electric Surfboard. This is why it so friendly for use among beginners, adults and even children, as it takes you on a water adventure without knowing the full skills of the water surfing sport.

Easy Steps to Follow for Using the Fly Fish Surfboard

  • Press the main power switch for almost three seconds.
  • The LCD lights will illuminate, and the screen will show the power on status.
  • The floating boards of your surfboard are at standard state on starting the surfboard. In case you want to change the mode, switch to other modes.
  • The first gear is always in the standard mode, and the switches are set to transfer to second gear.
  • Click the main switch again to switch to sports mode. This mode is the power mode, which has more speed and acceleration.
  • The screen displays a 5-grid display, which shows a battery sign (low or not). Usually, if the battery is running low it will light a red light on the side of the LCD which is an indication of emergency power out or damage shutdown.
  • In case you want to switch off the system, hold the power button for five seconds. The system shifts to stand by mode. After ten minutes if the surfboard is still not used, it automatically shuts down.

Why should you opt for Electric Surfboard and Accessories from HGLTECH?

For someone who loves water sports or just loves the sea in general, surfing is a great way to break the heat of summers and cool yourself amongst the waves in the water. The Fly fish Electric Surfboard is suitable for all, beginners, experts, everyone. It is especially designed by the best engineers to help you enhance your experience of surfing in the water with comfort as well. HGLTECH believes in serving you with the best technology, which is why the fly fish surfboard has multiple swing modes as well as water proof battery to keep you and your surfboard safe from any damages.

The Fly Fish design is ideal for smooth and light surfing on a warm day, instead of sweating yourself on the heavy-duty surfboards. You can note the design, size and weight of the fly fish electric surfboard which has been specifically designed for you to glide over the water as smooth as a fish. The best part about this is that most people doubt the flexibility of the surfboard in terms of directions and steering. But the truth is, the fly fish electric surfboards is flexible and works best to steer into any direction you want in the water. Once you have decided to try the fly fish surfboard, you need to try with it any necessary accessories or charging wires to get the full experience.

You can choose your desired accessories from our collection, and even select and pair your own choice of ESC along with the surfboard. All ESC are designed with aluminium to prevent any accidents and damages. At HGLTECH, we think about the best we can give to you.

We give you the Option to Customize Your Surfboard!

What is better than creating and adding to your surfboard yourself, just the way you want it? HGLTECH offers you the opportunity to customize the surfboards according to your needs. This is one of the most interesting parts about the Fly Fish Electric Surfboard. So, whether you want it in different colours, with different designs, you will receive the same quality of the surfboard with just a little extra edge of your own added to it.

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