How to maintain sea scooter and can I take it with me on the plane?

June 07, 2019

Sea scooters are a great accessory for your time on the beach. They are extremely popular and for good reason. Some of the latest models offer speeds of up to 7 km/h underwater which is a lot. The good thing about sea scooters is that you don’t have to worry about carrying the equipment with you as you dive or snorkel and would actually be able to look and feel the surroundings.

One of the questions which sea scooter owners have is how to maintain a sear scooter. It isn’t that difficult to maintain a sea scooter but if you do not follow the below tips then it is possible for the sea scooter to not perform as efficiently as before.

  1. Keep it Clean

The sea scooter should be kept clean at all times. Do not put it in the storage room or attic and let dust accumulate on it. Whenever you use the sea scooter, you should clean it after you are done. There is a lot of salt in the sea and other particles. A clean sea scooter will last a long time. Rinse the sea scooter with fresh water every time you use it.

  1. Use It Regularly

Don’t let the sea scooter get rusted in the attic. Use it regularly. There’s no reason not to use it in the first place. When you use the sea scooter regularly, it allows it to retain its efficiency and would help make it last a longer time.

  1. Don’t leave it Under the Sun

Just like any other machine, the sea scooter should not be left under the sun for an extended amount of time. Keep it in a cool and dry place like your garage. This will help ensure that the sea scooter works efficiently and lasts longer than usual.

  1. Get it serviced Once in a While

You should also get the sea scooter serviced and checked for any necessary repairs.

  1. Fully Charge the Batter Immediately

As soon as you purchase the sea scooter, it should be fully charged immediately and with every use.

  1. Only Charge with the Right Charger

Never use a different charger to charge the sea scooter. When you purchase a sea scooter, a charger would be provided. Only use this charger.

  1. Do Not Expose the Battery to Excessive Sunlight

Just like with any other machine’s battery, the sea scooter battery should not be exposed to excessive sunlight or heat. Keep it in a cool and dry place.

  1. Detergents Should Not Be Used

Don’t make the mistake of using detergents to clean the sea scooter. Instead just use a damp cloth to wipe it until it is clean.

Can one take the Sea Scooter on the Plane?

If the sea scooter is not that big and can easily fit in your hand carry then you can take it with you. Otherwise, it would be need to be kept with the checked luggage.  

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