What is the difference between electric surfboard and sea scooter?

June 12, 2019

Both electric surfboards and sea scooters have become a huge thing. Anyone that enjoys their time on the beach would agree that they either like to use their electric surfboard or sea scooter. There are certain different between the two and this post will help you understand the differences if you are considering between the two.

Electric Surfboard

If you love hitting the waves and are not a talented surfer then, there is no need to worry because the electric surfboard can make you hit the waves like a pro. There’s just something about an electric surfboard that has made surfers go crazy for it. An electric surfboard is unique as it allows you to easily surf on waves. Less effort is required for using an electric surfboard as compared to a manual one.

Anyone wishing to go to some of the best surfing destinations will have a great time as the electric surfboard will help ensure that they get to make the most of the trip. You will never feel embarrassed when surfing using an electric surfboard. Surf even on flat water with the electric surfboard.

The electric surfboard is capable of hitting speeds of 35 miles an hour or 30 knots regardless of the fact that whether one is riding the board on choppy surf or on a flat lake. The acceleration is very impressive as one could accelerate from stationary to over 25 miles an hour within seconds. Enjoy surfing without waves or wind.

Sea Scooter

Do you love the sea and enjoy the calming waters? Because if you do, you will most definitely find the sea scooter to be a treat, easily travel with a sea scooter along the sea and take in the views. The sea scooter when fully charged can take you to, many places at a time. It is perfect gift for the summer vacation.

A great thing about the sea scooter is that it can take you underwater snorkeling too at great speeds. If you are an underwater sea life enthusiast then you will most definitely like the sea scooter. It can be difficult to swim underwater, especially with carrying the oxygen tank but with the sea scooter, you wouldn’t have to worry about having to swim. Effortlessly see the underwater life in its full glory with a sea scooter.

Difference between Electric Surfboard and Sea Scooter

There are several differences between the electric surfboard and sea scooter. One of the main differences between the two is that they both serve a different purpose. An electric surfboard is meant for enjoying surfing with or without wind and waves. While on the other hand, the sea scooter is meant for snorkeling underwater and traveling on the sea.

Both of these are different and provide different uses. The electric surfboard offers speeds of over 30 kilometers an hours, and the sea scooter can offer speeds of over 4km an hour. There is a huge difference between the speeds offered by the two.

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