What is VESC? Why you should use it in Your Projects! | Open Source ESC

August 14, 2020

On 2019, HGLTECH cooperate with Flipsky and plan to apply their popular open source project of Benjamin VESC® 6 to make our own electric surfboard.Benjamin VESC® 6 is Benjamin's most powerful and impressive electronic speed controller! It is arguably the most popular electronic speed controller in the world!


If you’re into any combination of being a maker, skateboarder, or electronic speed controller hobbyist, you’re probably aware of Benjamin Vedder’s VESC, an open-source ESC designed for (but not limited to) electric skateboards. There forums, and various websites dedicated to the culture. But if you’re not aware of Benjamin Vedder’s work, you’re about to find out how crucial it is to enthusiasts! Oh yeah, and it’s open-source! Whatever is on your mind, the Vesc-Environment will help you to achieve your goals faster.


FSESC 4.12, FSESC 4.20,VX1 remote controller and 6374 190kv motors are the most popular VESC choice for the esk8 builers. Flipsky is our brother company, HGLTECH have the latest products same as on flipsky.net. Our VESC is affordable with good quality,welcome to place your order on HGLRC-HGLTECH company.


Motion is the key to success for the most innovative products of the near future. Up until now, there were now off the shelf solutions that would have brought your project to the kind of perfection that is now available through the VESC-Environment. It doesn't matter what your project is about or what scale it has - as long as it incorporates electric motors or actuators, you just landed at the right place. VESC,all of the the FSESC from Flipsky are here. And we have VX1,VX2 remote controller,6354, 6374 motrs for you to diy the skateboard.300A seal waterproof ESC is available and FSESC 200A are very popular among Efoil builders, HGLTECH is trying to be your one-stop electric surfboard parts and skateboard supplier.


Our aim is simply to provide the best and most professional open-source firmware, user-friendly software solutions and hardware for motor control available today. Using VESC hardware and software allows you to set up your device within minutes - not days. Today VESCs can be found in robots, multicopters, camera gimbals, e-bikes, electric skateboards, RC equipment, industrial applications and many many more.


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