Firduo Walrus 14S Full Waterproof Brushless ESC All Metal Case For SUP Surfboards Kayaks ROV AUV USV



Size: 90mm*45mm*23mm;

Including mounting hole size: 102mm*45mm*23mm;

Shell arc diameter: 58mm;

Waterproof level: fully waterproof;

Continuous current: 30A/45A (Limit set);

Maximum current: 150A;

Voltage: 6-14S Lipo;

BEC output: 6V/1A;


Battery end: 10AWG (5.5mm) silicone cable, 115cm-Black/115cm-Red, without plug;

Signal end: 11AWG (5.0mm) silicone cable, 110cm-Black; PPM/PWM (including terminal plug): Black "-", Red "+"/BEC cable, White "signal";

Motor end: 10AWG (5.5mm)silicone cable,15cm-Black, without plug;

Walrus 30A/45A ESC

Net weight: 435G

Gross weight: 550G

Package Size: 20cm*15cm*10cm

Walrus 30A/45A ESC(With plug)

Battery end plug and socket, fully waterproof, continuous current 50A, peak current 100A; Motor end plug, 5.5mm gold male and female connector.

Battery end plug and socket(Click to view)




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