Firduo IP68 Sensorless Brushless Waterproof Electric surfboard 2KW Motor 65111-150KV for Electric Diy


High efficiency required for a wide range of applications, it can be applied in Electric surfboard/ Electric yacht/Electric kayak/ Electric hydrofoil/ DIY Efoil Board / Remote control boat...etc

 Compatiable with : 120A Waterproof ESC


  • Powerful Motivation : The Max Output Watt is 1500W and not easy to get hot

  • High-quality wires : 12 AWG 300mm black silicone wire , multi-core tinned copper , silicone insulator .

  • IP68 Waterproof : the highest level of connector waterproof rating , No need to worry about the damaged by water infiltration


  • Maximum power: 2kw and 1.5kw continuous. 

  • Maximum voltage: 14S.

  • Maximum current 140A. 

  • Resistance:115.8/114.9/114.7mΩ.

  • Waterproof level: IP68.

  • Motor KV:150.

  • Motor stator slot: 12.

  • Motor pole: 12.

  • Model type: 65111.

  • Motor dimension: 65*111mm.

  • Shaft:10mm. 

  • Motor Wire: 12AWG wire.

  • No-load current: 1.7A@142KV.

  • Weight:1.5kg.




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