Aluminum base upgraded anti-spark switch 200A for Electric Skateboard|Ebike|Scooter|Robots

Specifications and performance:

  • Dimensions: length 72 mm, width 37 mm, height 16.2mm;

  • Voltage: 12V-60V; (3S-14S)

  • Continuous current: 100A (with factory heat dissipation shell);

  • Maximum current: 200A (with the radiator corresponding to our test (radiator size: 20*12*1.7cm) test data attached);

  • Peak current: 1200A

  • MOS tube model: HYG015N10NS1TA (5 pieces)

  • The aluminum base plate is equipped with a heat sink to increase the heat dissipation effect and extend the service life.

  • Self-locking switch with LED button diameter: 16mm

  • Electronic wire specifications: 8AWG


    • Do not peel off the heat shrink.There’s no screw to lock the heatsink and PCBA. Only the heat-transfer silicon pad is naturally sticky to heatsink and PCBA.
    • No short circuit protection, DO NOT short circuit output!
    • No reverse polarity protection. DO NOT plug in backwards.
    • Recommended to keep output capacitance under 6,000 uF. Proper operation cannot be guaranteed at higher capacitances.
    • Do not Hot-Swap. Try to make sure everything is off before connecting and removing. If need be, unplug from battery first, wait for ESCs to turn off, then unplug ESCs. Do the reverse for plugging in, plug in ESCs first before plugging the switch into the battery.
    • Engineers have thoroughly tested prototypes; however, this is still a new design and a first production run, please exercise extreme caution (as one would normally do with any electric vehicle) when using this device.
    • Do not attempt to reprogram the MCU unless otherwise advised. Doing so will void any warranty and also put the switch at great risk of failure.

     Wiring diagram:

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