About FSESC 6.6

1. Is there way to connect on/off switch of 2?

Yes, our product can support 2ESCs connections by a Y-like cable. 
That's the CAN port so both can comunicate for controll.See connection pictures1(https://www.vesc-project.com/node/182)

2.How do I update my ESC firware?How do I tune the parameter after upgrading ESC firmware?

Step1: Download the latest VESC tool from: http://www.vesc-project.com/vesc_tool
Step2: Power on your ESC, then use a USB to connect your ESC with PC.
Step3: upgrade ESC firmware according to following tips.(VESC6_firmware_upgrade_method.pdf
Step4: After ESC firmware upgrading, Tune parameters,refer to the tips link.

3.How does the power switch work on the FSESC6.6 for 2 motor systems? 

1, Turn on both switch to control both ESC.
2, You can use one switch to control two ESC.
3, If already have power button, we need remove the power switch out of FSESC6.6, but it will not turn on as normal.


About FSESC 4.12 50A

 1.Is this ESC programmable with the BLDC-Tool?

The default is VESC-Tool before the shipment of FESCC4.12. If the user needs to change to use BLDC-Tool to adjust the parameters, you can communicate with the company to print the BOOTLOAD firmware or the user to re-burn and BLDC-Tool. Related Bootload firmware for tuning.

2.Which is the communication protocol between remote and esc?

The communication protocol between our remote and esc are PPM, SBUS and so on.

3.How to connect two FSESC4.12? 

Must use 2 pin cable(not 4 pin cable) to connect the CAN connectors of 2 FSESC4.12.  Fobid to use 4 cables, otherwise will burn the salved ESCs.