FIRDUO Manatee100 High Voltage 75V High Current 100A ESC Compatible With The Vesc Software With Water Cooling Enclosure


 Compatiable with :65111-150kv-Waterproof Motor(Click The Link)

The wiring of power cord, motor cable and port cable is not waterproof.

1. If you need to rematch, it is recommended to use the new version of VESC TOOL
2. After the software is connected to the ESC, the current parameters must be set. The steps are as follows:
①Read parameters;
②Modify the limit parameter: 150A;
③Write parameter.

3. Please complete the above steps, and then match the motor and use; avoid damage to the ESC.
The ESC is shipped from the factory, and the latest version of the firmware is defaulted, and no need to be updated; Voltage: 13S.


1.Large-flux water cooling heat dissipation
2.Corrosion-resistant metal case
3.Pressure-resistant and waterproof structure
4. High voltage and high current
5. Strong waterproof performance


Voltage: 75V maximum (recommended within 16S)

Current: 100A continuous, maximum 200A


 1、Based on the design of vesc hardware principle.

 2、Using 6 mosfet  IRF7769L (100v 200A each).

 3、Independent gate drive.

 4、Independent power supply.

 5、Independent current sampling.

 6、Active filter circuit makes current sampling more accurate.

 7、Rich onboard interface.

 8、Independent two-way adc.

 9、Support VESC TOOL latest version.

 10、The circuit is reasonable and stable.


Size: 80*80*31 (Includes waterproof case)

Battery end plug: 3*XT90 male connector,10#silicone cable, 120mm-Red/120mm-Black

Motor end: 11#silicone cable, 120mm-Black, without plug

Terminal plug type: Gh1.25


GH1.25 corresponding terminal line: 5pcs

XT90 female*1 pcs

MICRO USB data cable * 1 pcs

PPM*1 pcs


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