FIRDUO Manatee100 High Voltage 75V High Current 100A ESC Base On Vesc With Water Cooling Enclosure

 Compatiable with :65111-150kv-Waterproof Motor(Click The Link)


1.Three-pipe large-flux water cooling heat dissipation
2.Corrosion-resistant metal case
3.Pressure-resistant and waterproof structure
4. High voltage and high current
5. Strong waterproof performance


Voltage: 75V maximum (recommended within 16S)

Current: 100A continuous, maximum 200A


 1、Based on the design of vesc75300 hardware principle.

 2、Using 6 mosfet  IRF7769L (100v 200A each).

 3、Independent gate drive.

 4、Independent power supply.

 5、Independent current sampling.

 6、Active filter circuit makes current sampling more accurate.

 7、Rich onboard interface.

 8、Independent two-way adc.

 9、Support VESC TOOL official 75300 firmware.

 10、The circuit is reasonable and stable.


Size: 80*80*31 (Includes waterproof case)

Battery end plug: 3*XT90 male connector,10#silicone cable, 120mm-Red/120mm-Black

Motor end: 10#silicone cable, 120mm-Black, without plug

Terminal plug type: Gh1.25

GH1.25 corresponding terminal line: 5pcs
XT90 female*3 pcs
MICRO USB data cable * 1 pc

Water Cooling
waterproof case
High voltage


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