FIRDUO 65111 Motor Kit DIY Kit for Efoil | Esurfboard | Hydrofoil | ROV | Robot

Sea Lion Watercooled 120A Electric Speed Controller  + VX3 Waterproof Remote + 65111 Motor with Propeller for Efoil | Esurfboard | Hydrofoil | ROV | Robot

65111-150KV motor

Model type: 65111
Motor dimension: 65*111mm
Motor stator slot: 12
Motor pole: 12
Motor KV:150
Motor Wire: 12AWG wire
Maximum voltage: 14S
Maximum current 140A
No-load current: 1.7A 142KV
Maximum power: 2kw and 1.5kw continuous
Waterproof level:IP68

Sea Lion 120A Brushless ESC


1 Output: Continuous current 120A, burst current 240A up to 10 Second.
2 Input: 5-12 cells LiPo.
3 BEC Output: No BEC
4 Water Cooling Pipe:4.6mm,Fully waterproof
5 Size: 105*48*23mm.
6 Weight: 230g
7 Power and motor line: 12# silicone wire 160mm,no connector signal line: white black with JR male 300mm

1 Top quality electronic components to enhance the current endurance ability of the ESC.
2 Special designed for RC boat, with excellent start-up, acceleration and linearity features.
3 With water cooling heat-sink, the ESC is splash-proof
4 Bidirtion "Forward/Backward" or "Forward" selection
5 Multiple protection : Stall protection and Low voltage, Over-heat protection and lose signal
6 Multiple program methods supported: LCD Program Card or USBLINK with PC software. Very easy to program the ESC or update firmware online,the remote control can also be used to modify the parameters.


VX3 Waterproof Remote


1.6-inch super clear and big screen display

Display shows more: Except for basic telemetry data, it also display GPS, motor power, real-time temperature of MOS tube, and throttle progress bar information

Be compatible with  VESC and Non-VESC

ESK8 mode / E-surf mode switching freely

Esurf mode:Cruise speed control function

Waterproof IP rating: IP67

Bigger remote battery capacity:1500MA

ESC failure report :Detect possible failures of the ESC in time for replacing

Controller mode: PPM/UART

Charging way:Wireless Magnetic Charging

VX3 Remote comes with Receiver

Remarks: For remote VX3, it is recommended to wash it with fresh water or soak it in fresh water for at least one minute after using to reduce salt residue and extend the service life of the remote.

Net Weight: 600G

Gross Weight: 900G


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