FIRDUO Electric surfboard Jet bodyboard Sea Scooter Diving and Surfing

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Extra Battery

FIRDUO Electric surfboard Jet bodyboard Sea Scooter

 Diving And Surfing

The V1 bodyboard, unpacking and disassembling video.

Special thanks for the photo: #Hermanos Ruiz González #Jared Watney #KayakDIY  (Rank order is random)


The machine information

Product model: FIRDUO;

Size: 100 cm * 50 cm * 34 cm;

TFT screen size: 2.8 inches;

Thrust :340 N;

Battery consistency:< 2H;


Cruise at a constant speed;

Plug-in supports GoPro camera interface;

Applicable age: 12 years old or above;


The battery
Voltage:48 v ; Capacity : 15 Ah;

Quick charging time: 2.5h; Waterproof grade :IP68;

Weight: 4.9 KG;

Installation method :quick plug and pull self-locking;


Charging adapter

Adapter specification: 54.6v /5A;

Charging mode contact type;

Adapter type quick charge;


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